Open Source and Outreach

The UASAL team is an active contributor to projects including:

  • The Physical Optics Propagation in Python library, POPPY. A BSD licensed open source project, POPPY provides user-friendly, high-performance set of diffraction simulation tools in both the Fresnel and Fraunhofer regimes, broadly applicably but particularly well suited to astronomical telescopes and high-contrast imaging.
  • The Exoplanet Open-Source Imaging Mission Simulator,EXOSIMS.
  • pyKLIP, a python library for PSF subtraction for both exoplanet and disk imaging, pyKLIP

Members of the lab are active in many other programs, including the University of Arizona Astronomy Camp, the Tucson Initiative for Minority Engagement in Science and TEchnology Program (TIMESTEP), and the Steward Observatory Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative.

We have also begun contributing to the CubeSat Climate CoBuild open source outreach hardware project.