Steward Observatory provides direct access to various world-class facilities for ground-based radio and optical observing. Among these are the Large Binocular Telescope and 6.5m aperture telescopes located in both the northern (the MMT) and southern hemispheres (the Baade and Clay telescopes at Magellan Observatory ) and accepts observing proposals from faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students at UA, ASU, and NAU.

Steward Observatory (SO) is the sole operator for several world-class observatories, including:

SO Mountain Operations (“MtnOps”) is responsible for these observatories and maintains a telescope wiki and those wishing to operate one of these observatories should consult the SO Observing Guidelines.

The Arizona Radio Observatory operates the 12m Telescope (12m) (an ALMA prototype antenna on Kitt Peak), and the Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) on Mt. Graham.